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Cobb County Juvenile Court

Gang Suppression Program

Unit Member:

Terry L. Ford
Probation Supervisor

Program Description

The Gang Suppression Program (GSP) was established in Cobb County Juvenile Court in January 1999. The Gang Suppression Program supervises approximately 100 probationers who have been identified or suspected to be involved in gang activities. This may also include youth that have close contact with individuals who are identified or suspected to be involved in gang activities. GSP provides daily supervision in the community, school and home. Each probationer is individually assessed to determine his or her level of gang involvement. Supervision of known gang members also includes the use of night and weekend surveillance monitoring.

The probationers involved in GSP are ordered to follow specialized conditions of probation that prohibit gang related behavior. In addition the probationers may be required to attend the Court sponsored Prison Tour, individual and group counseling as determined by the program. Gangs involved youth also have an opportunity to perform community service hours painting over gang graffiti in the Cobb County area. The Graffiti Removal program is an effort in collaboration with Keep Cobb Beautiful and Cobb Anti Gang Enforcement (CAGE) unit of Cobb Police.

GSP Probation Specialist/ Probation Officers work cooperatively with Cobb County Police gang unit known as (CAGE), and other local Law Enforcement agencies in gathering and sharing gang intelligence information to suppress ongoing gang activity. The information gathered is related to community gang activity; as well as, individual gang member activity.

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